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IT Bank Examiner, IT Specialist - The Office of the State Bank Commissioner

April 21, 2015

IT Bank Examiner, IT Specialist
Job Opening:   174046
Position Number:  K0224147
Job Summary:
The OSBC has one open position for an Information Technology (IT) bank examiner.  The agency desires a candidate with IT experience; OR a bank examiner with IT experience or IT interest; OR a person with the educational background and skill that can be trained and developed from an entry level position.  Pay will be commensurate with experience.  The person should have the personality and traits to work independently and in a team environment.
Job Description:
The candidate will be trained in basic IT examinations at banks and progress and transition into an IT Specialist.  An IT Specialist will conduct IT examinations or visitations at any supervised depository institution, including entities designated as problem banks and at the most IT complex institutions.  An examination will encompass transactional banking, PC banking, web telephone banking, portal and aggregation activities, electronic bill paying services, electronic cash systems, and other new and emerging technology issues.
This position is also responsible for the review and analysis of the entity’s IT management, security protocol, audit, business continuity planning, outsourced vendors, technology service providers, retail payment systems, and wholesale payment systems.  The bank’s need to protect customer data is a key aspect of an IT examination.  The examiner will also be required to review the bank’s strategic plan for IT initiatives and goals, and understand all current and proposed products and services at each bank.  For the aforementioned, all safeguards, policies, practices and procedures should be considered.  Industry approved examination procedures are followed.   Additionally, protection of OSBC confidential examination information is expected.
Once an IT examination is complete, this position is required to work closely with the bank management and the Examiner-In-Charge of the Safety and Soundness examination.  Expectations are that examination findings and recommendations will be properly communicated, meetings with management will be conducted, and timely preparation of Report comments will occur.
This position will also be required to provide IT training and guidance to other examiners, whether in the field or in formal training sessions.   
The examiner must know what IT risks affect a bank and how to identify and measure the IT risks.  The examiner must be able to understand how bankers can control, monitor, and mitigate risk. 
Minimum Requirements:
The person applying for this position should have a four-year college degree in an IT or business related field of study.  Additional IT accreditation is a plus.  Written and oral communication skills, a positive attitude, and a personality that allows the person to get along with others and work in a team environment are a must.
Performance Standards:
Employee talents and knowledge are expected to develop and evolve as job duties are added and expanded.  This person must successfully complete IT examiner training (both informal and formal) and demonstrate sufficient abilities to complete responsibilities.  The supervision of this position is expected to transition from high supervision to moderate supervision as the employee develops, indicating increased latitude in carrying out duties.  

How to Apply:
To apply, submit a State of Kansas Employment Application  http://www.admin.ks.gov/services/state-employment-center/sec-home/state-employment/apply, and a Personal Data Form:  http://da.ks.gov/ps/aaa/recruitment/instructions.htm   Resume with References, Cover Letter, College Transcript(s), and a Tax Clearance Certificate to:
Office of the State Bank Commissioner
Attn:  Jeanne Kelly, Recruiter
700 SW Jackson, Suite 300
Topeka, KS 66603
You may also submit material online to jobs@osbckansas.org.  Please include all requested information.
Each applicant applying for a State of Kansas job vacancy must obtain a State Tax Clearance Certificate by accessing the Kansas Department of Revenue’s website at: http://www.ksrevenue.org/taxclearance.html.
A Tax Clearance is a comprehensive tax account review to determine and ensure that an individual’s account is compliant with all primary Kansas Tax Laws.  Applicants are responsible for submitting their Certificate with all other application materials to the hiring agency.  This is in accordance with Executive Order 2004.
The OSBC may perform a background check on applicants.
Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to contact the agency recruiter if reasonable accommodations are needed for any part of the application or hiring process.
The Office of the State Bank Commissioner is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Find out more about us at our website: http://www.osbckansas.org/about/employment.html